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hey seth drop me a line some time buddy!

Scott Pitek <stp7@cornell.edu>

ithaca ny USA - Wednesday, September 10, 1997 at 19:10:47 (PDT)

this is so cool, seth!

megan crowley <mcrowle2@ic3.ithaca.edu>

ithaca ny USA - Thursday, September 11, 1997 at 11:54:31 (PDT)

Neat little site you got here. Keep up the good work!

Tim McLees <tenchi@eagle.cc.ukans.edu>

USA - Friday, September 12, 1997 at 07:21:14 (PDT)

Tenchi's Vault of Anime MSTings


Molly R.J. McCarthy <BMccar9835@aol.com>

Hamburg NY USA - Friday, September 12, 1997 at 07:27:06 (PDT)

Hi, i'm from CHS, just wanted to say "hi" and nice page! =oÞ

Kim Merkel <Kimbalynne@aol.com>

Buffalo NY USA - Sunday, September 14

Kimbalynne's Page

hey, cool page, come back and visit CHS sometime!

Lance Ito (mike barrett) <jmascis@hotmail.com>

Buffalo asdfkjl new zealand,

Lance Ito's Music Page

Gotta go now.

Frank Solomon <Actionmaps@aol.com>

Rochester NY USA - Saturday, September 20, 1997 at 07:33:53 (PDT)

Great page Seth!!!

Gavin (I'm a Sophomore at CHS now) <Devoras82@aol.com>

Buffalo NY USA - Friday, September 26, 1997

Gavin's page!

It's really exhilirating to read. I actually enjoy reading it! A wonderful homebage, way to go seth!

cuihong <cuihong@hotmail.com>

Buffalo NY USA - Saturday, September 27, 1997 at 09:28:2

Cui Hong's Page!

Hey, Seth! It's me, Taurus! Well, I (like Gavin) am now a sophomore. Anyway....You have got one great page! I personally think that Gavin's page sucks!! But....your wierd Thunder Cats stories were hilarious! I like Thunder Cats too.

Taurus Londono <lordmandalore@hotmail.com>

Buffalo, NY USA

Hey there Seth, its ME, Ankur!!! Like the other 2 peeps, Im also a Sophomore now. So how is it being the BIG college man. Taurus was pretty mean about what he said about Gavins page wasnt he? Well, I gotta go for now, but hey, drop by my page.

Ankur Singh <ankyhbk@hotmail.com>

Buffalo, NY USA

HeartBreak Hotel!!!

Your page rocks. I am impressed. We love Lefty!!!

Sherry Elizabeth Taylor <rapunzel17@aol.com>

Buffalo NY USA

scintillating (Sherry's Homepage)

Thunder Cats Rule!!!!

Cool page. The off-beat comments in the bios were really fun. -S. Campos

Miss Suzene E. Campos <MKEW72C@prodigy.com>

USA - Tuesday, October 21, 1997 at 05:36:46 (PDT)

Pretty nifty web page-- met you at the AAG conf. at BSC. Thanks for your help with the computer for my paper presentation.

Paul D. Caris <pd_caris@compuserve.com>

East New Brunswick, NJ, USA

I think the stories are great. I mean lets be realistic about this. How can all those Thundercats live together, and not have any sex, that's ignorant. And I also support the fact that maybe Tygra and Bengali were lovers, they never seemed to take any interest in any of the female characters anyway. And I personally believe that Lion-O is just all-out gay, besides that, he is a major babe, despite being a cartoon.

Walden <curlee@email.unc.edu>

Chapel Hill, NC, USA

I must say that I had a wonderful time on your page tonight. You are very open with what you think and glad to hear that from someone. I am a very huge TCats fan and don't mind what you have to say.

Thndrcat23 AKA Kat <Thndrcat23@aol.com>

USA - Connected from

Seth: Thanks for visiting my site. You have a great site yourself. Keep up the good work. -Matt

Matthew Cox <coxmat@ccs.neu.edu>

Boston MA USA - Connected from

Matt's Home

yer page is pretty damn cool!!!!

Beth <demonprist@aol.com>

Plano IL USA - Connected from


David Shutt <shutdr29@buffalostate.edu>

Bflo NY USA - Connected from

Hey, kewl webpage!

Mummraa the Everliving <Mummraa@aol.com>

Egypt (3000 years in the future) - Connected from

Mummraa's Home Page

`Sup homie?? It's Shanin. I miss the jokes in art class. I love the web page. What Taurus said about Gavin's page was cold. Eh, Taurus is a pissant anyway. just kidding...or not...

Shanin Allen <Viper328@aol.com>

Buffalo, NY USA

Ok Seth, I finnaly checked out you WEB page, and I must say it's well done.If your interested it's about 12:30 in the morning on the last day of the marking period and me and all my full IB ignorance are still hard at work. Nice page.

Dennison <dennlill@buffnet.net>

Buffalo, NY USA

This is a very original and one of the best sites.  I visit it like everyday and I love it.  Keep up the good WORK!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Morgan <lionclaw@bellsouth.net>

Quote guide is great.  I'll send some more along.

Linda Behrens <lcbehrens@bakernet.com>

Thanks for MiSTing my transcript. I never thought you'd top "Masked Rider vs. The Sailor Senshi." I was wrong. As soon as Voltron comes on again, I'll tape it and write a transcript.

The West Virginian <bilica@prodigy.net>

I realized I didn't sign your guest book yet so I decided to do it now... your page is awesome and the T-Cats rule!

Tracy Butler <tbutler@warwick.net>

Hey!  Your page is pretty cool, even though those freaky stories DEFINITELY push the envelope! But, at least you update your site frequently.  Check out my page.  It's pretty cool.  It contains a bunch of stuff about me, some stuff about the T-Cats, and of course the new "Hall of Images."  It rocks... kinda.
So go check it out.  And while you're there, sign the guestbook (PLEASE!).  The addy is: http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Cove/7912

Robert Silvers <It's on my page...>

Robert's Page

I love your Thundercats page! And the weird stories really make me laugh! Keep it up!

Brandon Rasmussen <brandonras@hotmail.com>

Loved your page! Now I just wish I got the Sci-Fi channel. . .ARG! :)

Lady Chaos <lady_chaos@mailexcite.com>

Drop by and sign my guestbook if U got the time.

Cliodhna <stoical@angelfire.com>

Cliodhna's Page

This page rocks!Thunder Cats rule!:-}

Catsy <VJT@prodigy.net>

Absolutely great work here, and you're the site of the month at Tom Servo's Satellite of Love!

Tom Servo <TomServo2@geocities.com>

Tom Servo's Satellite of Love!!

Cool page keep up the good work!!!! Visit my page sometime! See you later!!!!

Clayton Goble <cgoble@web-access.net>

Clayton's Page


Someone from Ball State University, Indiana

this site is great. just what I like to look at. hope you keep it going for a long time. talk to you later. bye bye

-ADAM :-)

Adam "BUDDHA" Konno <Asaju15@aol.com>

cool homepage.....you'll have to check out mine once i get more pics on it....

Kelly Mansfield <pashabask@usa.net>

I'm really into Tcats, even if I haven't seen the show for ten years!! In France very few people remember Tcats. I had lots of fun reading these stories. I hope there will be some more !!!!!!

Thanks a lot


Julien <choul@aol.com>

Lefty, remember what Confucius say, "Its not how big your pen is, its your penmanship that counts."

Gary Laible <BorninBuff@aol.com>

Lefty, you have an excellent site! All of the stories on your site, both wierd and otherwise, are great, and the other sections such as the science page and MSTings are a riot! Keep all the great stuff coming!

Silverkittie <Silverkittie@hotmail.com>

I don't know what to say, but I like this page, it is one of a million you ever find on the net.

Paladin Conan <ckwangh@tm.net.my>

I really liked your page!! Keep up the good work. It's nice to know that Buffalo's not as bad as it's made out to be!!! (o:

Jenn Sirgey <jennakatang@yahoo.com>

Loved your page

Robert Sledge <Mlpfriend@hotmail.com>

I'm just dropping by from Generic Land.  Nice page Lefty.  I think I remember visiting before an being scared off by the stories ;)  The new science page is great!  I love stuff like that. Heh heh, see ya around!


Impulse <Impulse725@aol.com>

nice work you got there,, well the truth is that i just used you page, to view the links.. But hey, if it wasnt for you i couldn't find more mstings by miself.. thanks..


Crow.. <crow@sol.gx>

i like this page a lot- its good to see that there are thundercat fans out there as twisted as me- just kiddin- i thought the stories were great and i *hope* mine makes the grade

dana <flipper@silo.com>

i love your site but cant you add any more thunder cats sex stories well see you around

cheetahr-o <cheetahr_o@yahoo.com>


:o) :o) :o)

Jennie <brunjl86@buffalostate.edu>

      Well, its always nice to find people who appreciate great sarcastic and eclectic humor, and so I must say that your site is a great thrill!  Especially love the quote list!
      As they say, Keep Circulating The Tapes.

A strange hero to a select few,

Reverend S. Michael Wilson

Reverend S. Michael Wilson <RevSMW@aol.com>


Liked your page. Now that I've signed your guestbook go and sign mine.

Sheain <ssmith.ca2@compapp.dcu.ie>


Nice page! I especially like your weird stories archive.

Rookie Officer Fuzzball <FQ2@netxn.com>

You Have No Premission To Mist Me. Please BMD.


Johnny Bravo AKA WHIDDAW <whiddaw@worldnet.att.net>


To Mr. Whiddaw/Bravo:
Actually, Terrance Churchill MSTed your sorry excuse of a page. You have also been foolish enough to try to flame a FOOLPROOF guestbook. Therefore, such a nasty entry (BMD means "Bite My Dick" in Whiddaw-speak) merits display of the IP address in question. As such...

HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95)

Have a nice day. :)

-Seth C. Triggs.

This page kicks MAJOR @$$!  Keep it up Lefty!

Cougara P.
Cougara Purity <Cougara@hotmail.com>

Keep on it, brother! So far so good!

oh, and hey, how 'bout some wavs??

Christine <MSTieChris@aol.com>

Your page is cool, inventive, unique, and ever-so-slightly twisted.  You're a brave MiSTer, a fine author, and seem to be an all-around great human being.  Love, luck 'n' lollipops!

Sizer-chan <sizer@thedoghousemail.com>

Hi there. It's my first visit to this page and I must say It's beyond expectations. Good to know that the Thundercats really can have a sexual life (specially the snarfs and the kittens which I draw with or without clothing among other furries).

Foxphoenix <foxphoenix@usa.net>


Hey, Seth!!! Guess what? I have my own web page now! It's called "The Fantasy Universe", and it's a great site for anybody who likes anything. I've been working on it for a while so it's still under construction. Please visit there and sign my guestbook everyone!

Damion Graff <lordmandalore@hotmail.com>


Hey Lefty, it's been orgasmic.  ; )

Jackal-Mann <jackalmann@aol.com>


Hi Seth Triggs! I go to City Honors. You have a very cool page!

Ann Zagare <raspberry9@juno.com>


 I haven't seen everything yet, but your MSTing stuff is great!!  Keep up the MSTings!!

Jon Hodges <hodges@wcoil.com>

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