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If it wasn't good, I wouldn't bother signing the guest book ;-)

Jammer <jammer@shelby.net>


So good I stayed up the whole night(and some of the day) to read everything. Kudos to the Left-handed one!

Melancholy_Chinese <melancholy_chinese@yahoo.com>


Holy shit this page rocks.  It has been put together so well and the storys that you have written are awsome.  I have been a true Thundercats fan science the moment they came out. So much so that a friend and i have collected off of the  internet all the Thundercats, Mumra in raps, and Mumra the ever livin.  So if u see this message e-mail me and notify me changes you may have made to the page.

talk to u latter

Evan James

Evan James <jamesfa1@ix.netcom.com>

Yes! It's true! The original Roberbill of The Berbil Village has been here. I'm a little in awe of you. You'r a good artist and (ahem) "story" writer. Come visit The Berbil Village sometime. There are a few stories on the 1st and 2nd pages.

The Horndog <Roberbill@aol.com>

http://members.aol.com/Roberbill/index.html .

Hey Seth, wonderful page!  I hope to submit my first weird story to you in the near future!


Casca Rufus Longinus: The Soldier of Fortune <Casca_SOF@email.msn.com>

Good work loved it

Sheryn <Sheryn_21@hotmail.com>

NO!!!  NO!!!  MAke it stop!!!  CHibi-USa!  AUGH!!! *drops dead*
Steve's ghost stands up...  "I wanted to tell you I loved the site, but that story!!!  AUGH!"  with that, Steve's Ghost goes & haunts someone...

Steve <sfe_otaku@hotmail.com>


Great page Lefty! I specially like the weird story archive. Very, what's the world I'm looking for,unique.

Matt "the Jazz Man" Aurand <gbjazzman@hotmail.com>


I'm confused.

Randy LeJeune <rlejeune@geocities.com>

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/5236/index.html .

hey seth, great page, keep up the good work, well i'm going now b/c i'm talking to you :) see ya later :)

Mufasa <mufasa_17@yahoo.com>

Well, you told me to come here. Sheesh, what a waste of time! Only kidding! I really like your webpage. I guess this makes us even now, huh? <sigh>

Hugo Quiej <hquiej@aol.com>

http://members.tripod.com/~MSTManos/ .

I loooove MiSTs. They are funny!! hehehehahhaahah! I'm working on one too. (I'll be sure to put a disclaimer.) Keep up the good work!

alruhi <alruhi@aol.com>


Great job on the webpage Seth. You're a really cool guy, no matter what anyone else says. The whole club likes you, and you're a great asset to us. Keep up the good work.  THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BKingKat <BKingKat@aol.com>

Hi Seth.  Kudos on having the werewithall to boast Buffalo.  I, too, have some Buffalisms on my site, but I am decidedly more cynical than you.  It was great to read you in The Record last week.  See ya at the football games!


Beth McGuire (fellow NTSO-er at BSC) <bnrmcg@aol.com>


I LOVE reading about the Thundercats screwing each other's brains out. Keep it up. If you get any more flaming letters, mail them to me! I'll handle those bastards. May your website rule forever. I will make it a weekly habit to come here (Pun intended). How can I submit my own stories to this site. Also, is there anyone who will draw these stories (Ho BOY!)? Thundercats rule!!!!
E mail me Dswiss@Astro.temple.edu

Daniel Swiss <Dswiss@astro.temple.edu>

Keep it up. I enjoyed the creativity and perspective views of the different writers and look forward to visiting again soon

bill <weikman@aol.com>

 I LOve the weird stories!!!! I just sit in the chair, read and *entertain* myself.... Wait u don't need to know that never mind! All over a really good page

EMILY <Artemis347@AOL.com>

Robert Silvers

hi seth,

  not bad!i like your home page its better made then alot ive seen.congrats.chococat likes your page!usualy i think peoples home pages are boring,but yours is preety cool. well im going to look around at your page some more.bye. SEE YOU IN CHAT!


chococat <chococat900@yahoo.com>

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