"Xanadu, stately home of Charles Foster Manson." -Mike. #815(AFH)


"Yeah, everybody gets a day off at the end of the world. Didn't you know that? It's a free day." -Joel. #311(ICtW)

"Yeah, hello, this is Gamera. Knock it off!" -Tom Servo (as Gamera). #302(Gamera)

"Yeah, I guess it's a wasteland... except for that *city* behind you!!" -**. #110(RH)

"Yeah -- I'll say we got burnt! We got burnt all the time!! It was just part of what went with the territory when you got to make your own cool plastic toys!" -Joel. #313(EvtS)

"Yeah, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna start a band called _Air Supply_!" -Mike (as Tim Donnelly). #811(p:TCH)

"Yeah -- It's fun until somebody *dies*!!" -Gypsy. #519(Outlaw)

"Yeah, just remember, Mike: If push came to shove, I could take ya!" -Gypsy. #522(TCW)

"Yeah, kids are always mutilating people." -Crow. #421(MaGG)

"...yeah the Devil made this movie for you..." -Mike. #515(tWWWoBW)

"Yeah, well you're full of skit!" -Joel. #311(ICtW)

"Yeah, you can usually find a blonde hair in a field of wheat... at night... in a fog..." -Tom Servo. #108(SP)

"Yes!! It worked! I'm gonna score on an interplanetary scale!" -Crow (as Neil Striker). #305(SiS)

"Yes, I will take money from my dad's wallet and send it to Soupy Sales." -Tom Servo (as Bud). #906(SC)

"Yes, once again the pursuing vehicle is driven by STUPID people." -Tom Servo. #322(MN1)

"Yes, yes, but what does it *mean*??" -Tom Servo. #515(tWWWoBW)

"Y'know, in Austr-eye-lia my voice is as annoying as yours." -Crow (as Gus). #516(AfLA)

"You accelerate *my* molecules, doctor." -** (as Mary). #314(MJ)

"You and your friends are the only creeps in this place." -Banjo. #207(WR)

"You can see why the British invasion was so *easy*!" -Mike. #606(tCT)

"You can't be in our club, Satan!" -Crow (as Mexican kid). #521(SC)

"You can't destroy me -- I *quit*!" -Crow (as Lord Halkon). #318(SF:FA2)

"You can't hold a man, or convict him, because he buys a new pair of shoes. That's the whole basis of our judicial system!" -Crow (as Lt. Lewis). #603(tDTB)

"You can't make me, you *can't make me*!!" -Tom Servo. #*

"You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one of his boring speeches!" -Crow. #201(RXM)

"You didn't learn a thing last night, did you." "Well, I *did*, but I don't think we can use it to rob a bank..." -Linda/Joel (as Rod). #207(WR)

"You don't have to be a pig for the rest of your life, Mitchell." "Well, I kinda *do*..." -John Saxon/Crow (as Mitchell). #512(Mitchell)

"You don't have to be Freud to figure *that* one out!" -Crow. #416(FMoOS)

"You don't necessarily have to get swallowed up in a black hole..." "...but it helps!" -Ken/Tom Servo (as Ken). #318(SF:FA2)

"You do the voice, I'll move the jaw." -Crow (as Lloyd). #201(RXM) et al.

"You ever seen me look so happy?" "Yeah, but you didn't know I was watching you." -Luke/Joel (as Rommel). #202(Sidehackers)

"You get a Mister Misty-meanor for that" -Crow. #319(WotCB)

"You guys were shameful *before* he got here." -Crow. #505(tMVoS)

"You have *got* to be kidding me!!" -Crow. #313(EvtS) et al.

"You have my word of honor that the story I have been telling is the truth... Okay, mixed with a little fiction... Alright, I'm lying my butt off..." -Tom Servo (as Edward). #102(tRvtAM)

"You know, a federal indictment may prove difficult to overcome in the student elections." -Tom Servo. #610(tVY)

"You know a movie is bad bad BAD if it makes The Monkees look good!" -Crow. #515(tWWWoBW)

"You know, as long as you're sitting here, I don't even want to *think* about Slime People." "--Although it's hard, looking at a mug like yours." -Cal/ Crow (as Cal). #108(SP)

"You know, Captain..." "Shut up, Ray!" -Mike (as Ray)/Crow (as Captain). #902(PP)

"You know, elf tastes just like chicken!" -Tom Servo (as KID-TV reporter Andy Henderson). #321(SCCtM)

"You know, even though they tried to eat our brains, you gotta admit it's kinda fun here!" -Joel (as Tom). #312(GvG)

"You know how I love humans." -Tom Servo (as Dr. Higgins). #416(FMoOS)

"You know, if Raul Julia was Scott Leduc, he'd be on the floor by now." -Mike. #822(OatMB)

"You know, I get the feeling Hercules is going to learn an important lesson and kick some serious butt." -Joel. #502(Hercules)

"You know, I'm just guessing, guys, but since this is a Corman film we'd better get used to this scenery." -Joel. #315(TC)

"You know, in retrospect, the luggage scene was really fascinating." -Tom Servo. #608(CN:DH)

"You know, it is statistically proven that 78% of white men sing like this!" -Tom Servo. #820(SM)

"You know, it's about this time in any killing spree that you really ought to turn the gun on yourself." -Tom Servo. #512(Mitchell)

"You know, maybe they shouldn't have set their phasers to *miss*." -Mike. #820(SM)

"You know, not kneeing you in the groin is a constant struggle." -Mike (as Lt. Lewis). #603(tDTB)

"You know, people were whiter back then." -Joel. #510(L:tPH)

"You know, say what you want, but Claude Akins has a nice rump." -Joel. #322(MN1)

"You know, sometimes I too am able to peer over the ledge of sanity and gaze on the boundless beauty of psychosis and -- boy, is it dark!" -'Jack Perkins'. #320 (The Unearthly)

"You know, that may not really be Chinese." -Tom Servo. #515(tWWWoBW)

"You know, that spider's really neat, but there's something really interesting on that wall over there..." -Joel. #313(EvtS)

"You know, the acoustics in that cotton field are fantastic." -Joel. #112(UY)

"You know the consequences of a body moving with unchecked velocity in free space!!" "... Uh... We're our own grandparents?" -Hugh O'Brien/Crow (as Lloyd). #201(RXM)

"You know, there are certain flaws in this film." -Tom Servo. #424(M:tHoF)

"You know, these films are wierd." -Tom Servo. #316(GvZ)

"You know, the Three Stooges, in their silliest moment, never stooped to this indignity." -Mike. #820(SM)

"You know, they're only poor in money...and spirit...and dignity, and moral fiber, and hygiene." -**. #810(GSI)

"You know, this Home Economics film really took a wierd turn somewhere along the line..." -Tom Servo. #317(VWatSS)

"You know, this is Bela's best scene, and he's not even in it!" -Crow. #423(BotM)

"You know, this movie *can* be used to induce vomiting." -Mike. #815(AFH)

"You know what burns my butt? A flame about this high." -Joel (as skinny comic-relief guy). #308(GvG)

"You know what the fellow says -- drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!" "It's not that funny when it's *true*, Ed." -Guy in Bar/Crow (as another Guy in Bar). #602(IUSA)

"You know what this is, don't you? It's fear of a short red planet is what it is!!" -Tom Servo. #505(tMVoS)

"You know what would be a really funny routine? -- if we could somehow make the audience members... question their love for their spouses!" -Crow. #422(tDtEF)

"You know, when I was a boy, we didn't *have* fast movies. Sometimes, we had to wait three or four *hours* for something to happen!" -Mike. #517(tBotE)

"You know, you can only apply one-sixth the tongue on the moon." -Crow. #524(12ttM)

"You know, you'd think if he was going to rule the world he'd choose a better spot than a cave." -Joel. #107(RM)

"You know, your records just don't sound the same once they've been through a space-warp." -Crow. #K09(CP)

"You'll eat at 6:30, and your dinner takes an hour and a half to cook. The Nazis will be on you by then." -Crow (as Mrs. Adams). #610(tVY)

"You'll never win. You'll always lose." "You're Harold Stassen." -Vorelli/Crow (as Vorelli). #818(DD)

"You'll start immediately, you'll work 24 hours a day, you'll live on the premises in a 3-by-3 closet, and you'll be paid in skunk pelts." -Dr. Forrester. #523(VotG)

"You look at it; I'm bitter." -**. #208(LC) et al.

"You may get burnt on this ride." -Joel. #422(tDtEF)

"You need a flow chart for this movie." -Mike. #806(tU)

"You normally find this sort of thing on pay-per-view!" -**. #503(SD)

"Your brother died a watery death. Well, gotta go!..." -Crow (as Maj. Baird). #319(WotCB)

"You're a disgrace to all Kens." -Crow. #310(FA)

"You're assuming I liked you in the first place." -Crow (as Tom Stewart). #414(Tormented).

"You're dressed as a space-angel. Why?" -Joel (as Neil Connery). #508(OD007)

"...You're just a Christmas present." "I wanted a Super Soaker!" -Mitchell/Crow (as Mitchell). #512(Mitchell)

"You're listening to KPORN -- sleazy, slutty music all morning long..." -Tom Servo (as radio DJ). #513(tBtWD)

"You're lucky my chick's here..." -Crow. #K09(CP) et al.

"You're new here, aren't you, Elvis..." -Crow (as Dr. Faroe). #104(WotPP)

"You're our most dangerous friend." -Mike (as Ben). #522(TCW)

"You're really stupid if you get hit by a car after the apocalypse." -Crow. #403(CL)

"You're so stupid you couldn't tell rabbit turds from Rice Krispies." "Snap, crackle poop?" -Hick/Crow. #810(GSI)

"You're wierd, which results in creativity." -Crow. #317(VWatSS)

"Your father was a great man -- and an even better side dish." -**. #110(RH)

"Your mother was aboard Cosmos 3!" "Yeah, well *your* mother swims out to troop ships!" -Linda/Tom Servo (as Tang). #104(WotPP)

"You said 'bowling ball' earlier. What did that mean?" -Crow. #306(TotA)

"You seem to be excellently equipped." "Thank you! I didn't think you could tell through these trousers." -Prof. Fitzgerald/Tom Servo (as Dr. Cameron). #103(MM)

"You see, when a spaceship loves a space station *very* much..." -Tom Servo. #417(CotM)

"You see, when lackeys turn on their masters they become bulletproof." -Tom Servo. #607(Bloodlust!)

"You should never drink 10W-30 in the summer." -Crow. #202(Sidehackers)

"You suck, Mike." -Crow. #**

"You think they're gonna be comic relief? I just have a feeling." -Joel. #104(WotPP)

"You've been *following* this?!?" -**. #412(HatCW)

"You've got mail...pattern baldness!" -Tom Servo (in AOL voice). #821(TC)

"You've violated ape law!" -Crow (as the King). #411(tMS)

"You want me to -- scratch my butt??" -Joel (as a Cop). #311(ICtW)

"You want to unpack that one for me, son?" -Tom Servo (as Tom Grant). #522(TCW)

"Yummy noise!" -Dr. Forrester. Pizza 'N' Pasta commercial, seen during #K09(CP)


"Ziggy had Garfield neutered?! Now *that's* funny!" -Joel. #424(M:tHoF)