Unofficial Mystery Science Theater 3000 Quotes Guide
How to Use the Guide:

All of the quotes in the Guide are listed in alphabetical order. Clicking on one of the letters below will take you to the page of quotes with those letters. For example, if your quote begins with a K, it is found in the I - L page. Most people start from the beginning and browse through, pushing the "Next" buttons at bottom.

At present, there is no search feature, but once a searchable database is in place, it may be possible to sort the quotes by episode. Details will be forthcoming.

The quotes are shown as the following: "Quote" -speaker(s). #EPISODE(Abbreviated Title [ex: Earth Vs. The Spider = EvtS]) For example, Tom Servo's "Whizztaker" line in Episode 1001, Soultaker, would show up as:

"Whizztaker!" - Tom Servo.. #1001 (Soultaker)

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Originally Compiled by: Michael J. Zavisca (
Updated and Maintained by Seth C. Triggs (, 17 May 2000

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