Lefty's Map & Geography Links!!!

Since my first love is Geography and maps, I have included within my site some great Geography-related links, and some really wonderful CGI maps.

MultiMap Partner Sites (United Kingdom)

Really cool!!!

London Maps

COOL interactive maps covering the *entire* city of London, U.K. and beyond!!

National Geographic Society

My favourite magazine! Come and see the website of one of the most renowned publications of United States history.

U.S. Geological Survey

A government organization which provides the land information for the entire country. Information on the topographic maps abounds here.

Rand McNally Online

The United States' largest retail map manufacturer, and creator of the most popular Road Atlas.

The Road Ahead: A Collector's Look at North American Road Maps

An extensive look at North American road maps.

Freeway Entrance

The starting place to find road and highway signs on the net. Chock-full of info and interesting places!!!

Horizons Club

I am the president of the Horizons Club, which is the Buffalo State Geography/Planning Club.

Buffalo State Department of Geography & Planning

This is the department I work in at school. I am a geography major.

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