Lefty's Links of Insanity
Here lie some various oddities which I have come about online. Travel at your own risk... or just experience their uniqueness!

www.rotten.com 'Nuff said.
Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies Mr. Cranky's review site. Absolutely cynical and hysterical.
The Ancient Art of Glue Sniffing Just don't ask.
TheFdCourt Absolutely hilarious anime parodies!
The High-Rise Pages Fascinating views of skyscrapers around the world.
Controlled Demolition, Inc. This company performs a demolition technique called "implosion". Fascinating stuff!
Index to The Original Funnies Page Probably the best site for visual humour, or at least a starting point...
AltaVista: Translations  Just think of the fun you can have with a translator like this!
BIGCATS.COM - Wild Cat Photos Great pics of Big Cats!
The Onion Only the most hilarious online newspaper there is.
The Internet's Sickest Sites Self-explanatory.
The Dialectizer Change your favourite pages into different dialects. Hours of fun. Suggested activity: Convert the Starr Report into "Redneck".
The Misanthropic Bitch You'll never look at society the same way again.
Cruel.com Thousands and thousands of sites await you in this little den.
Newgrounds Atomix Home of such wholesome activities as Assassin, "Club the Seal", and Telebubby Fun Land (has to be seen to be believed! (warning: uses Shockwave) Now complete with new user-submitted Flash movies.
TWCFan.com  Finally... what people like me need, a site devoted to that channel we all love for some reason, The Weather Channel!
Welcome to the Lab This is my pal Blaine's page. Enjoy in moderation.
angeljolie - a fan site for Angelina Jolie, created by a friend named Kirsten. Really cool!
The Utah Baby Namer - Don't go here if you're Mormon
The Jack Chick Parody Archive - Don't go here if you're a religious fundamentalist.

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