The Geography Club Goes to Toronto
This trip happened 14 March 1998. All photos by Seth C. Triggs

Toronto City Hall- This massive structure is probably the most famous building in Toronto, after the CN Tower. The building dates from 1965, and is the hallmark of Toronto's urban renewal movement. In the foreground is Nathan Phillips Square, which contains an ice rink.

Dave Shutt, former club vice-president, stands in front of the north entrance of the Eaton's Centre. (left) This is the largest shopping mall in Ontario, and the most famous. It contains a huge skylit atrium (right), which is simply breathtaking.

Old City Hall- This is the old Toronto city hall, and is next door to the new City Hall. This building dates from the turn of the century, and has the common sanstone exterior of public buildings of that era.

Toronto's skyline as viewed from the Gardiner Expressway. the CN Tower is the tall spire in the center, and the faint outline of the Skydome can be seen directly below it. (where the tower seems to vanish)

The trip ended after a visit to the Ontario Science Centre, which features thousands of different engaging hands-on exhibits, a must-see. It is on Don Mills Road, in North York.

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