Horizons: The Buffalo State College Geography/Planning Club


The name of the organization shall be Horizons: The Buffalo State College Geography/Planning Club, or Horizons for short.


The purpose/mission of Horizons is to broaden the horizons of the community of Buffalo State College. Horizons shall accomplish this goal with structured, engaging and educational field trips, ranging from visits to Geography/ Urban Planning related institutions, to other cities. Hence, the second half of our goal is to provide awareness of the different careers available in the world of Geography/Urban Planning, and the different experiences that can be achieved through travel.

ARTICLE III Membership and Voting

Each activity fee-paying undergraduate or graduate student of Buffalo State College may be a member of Horizons: The Buffalo State College Geography/Planning Club.

A. All students attending two (two) general interest meetings in the fall and spring shall be considered voting members. The number of meetings will be determined by the charter members of the club.
B. To maintain voting membership, one must attend at least 90% of the meetings. Failure to do so removes that member’s eligibility for voting in Club matters for that semester. In case a certain member has membership in another club that convenes at the same time, that required amount of participation is 50%.

A. Voting Privileges by General Membership:
1. They will approve all fiscal matters exceeding $100 in value.

ARTICLE IV Officers and Elections

In order to administrate Horizons: The Buffalo State College Geography/Planning Club, one President, one Vice President, one Treasurer, and one Secretary must be elected. Election shall be held on the final meeting of the school year, at which time the members of the Club present at the meeting shall write their choice for each position on a slip of paper, which must then be sealed in an envelope. The ballots then shall be tallied by a neutral third party, and the results announced. Any member may repeat his/her term, but may not continue after graduation. These officers should be in good academic standing, and responsible students. These officers will also comprise the Executive Council.
In the event that there are not enough officers to complete this apportionment, the Secretary’s duties may be incorporated into the duties of one of the other officers.

A. Description of Duties
1. President- The President oversees the efficient administration of the Club. The President is responsible for planning all activities and events within the club. The President also conducts all meetings and is also the representative of the club for United Students’ Government. If the President requires assistance, a specific task may be temporarily delegated to another officer. The term of the President is two semesters, through election time at the last meeting of the academic year. Should the President be re-elected, the term is extended for the next two semesters. This election procedure is the same for all officers.
2. Vice President- Should the President become unable to perform duties, resign, or become ill, the Vice President shall take on the responsibilities of the President at that time. As such, an emergency meeting may be called, and a new Vice President elected. The Vice President assists the President in his/her duties, and may also act as representative of the Club for United Students’ Government, if necessary.
3. Treasurer- Oversees the appropriation and expenditure of funds for Horizons: The Buffalo State College Geography/Planning Club. Is responsible for calculating the Club’s budget, and submitting all necessary requisitions to USG. The Treasurer will advise the Executive Council on all club activities that will require USG funding.
4. Secretary- Is responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting, and then distributing that news and information to all of the club members by electronic mail or other means. In the event that there are not enough members to provide the recommended number of officers (4), the Secretary’s duties may be undertaken by any other officer. The Secretary must also handle promotion of the club, and advertisement.

ARTICLE V Meetings and Quorum

There shall be two (2) meetings per month, which shall be determined by the Executive Council. The meetings should be called for the second and fourth weeks of each month, at 12:05 p.m. Tuesday or Thursday (Bengal Pause). Any member of the Executive Council may also call an emergency meeting, which is not scheduled.
The quorum required for a meeting is a minimum of 7. (2 officers and 5 regular members) In emergency meetings, only the Executive Council needs to be present.
The Secretary must take note of all major points brought forth within the meeting, and later publish them electronically.

ARTICLE VI Executive Council

The Executive Council is comprised of the four required officers, the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Council meets with the Committees, and hears their proposals for activities, or handles their votes on various matters. The Council is also responsible for the smooth administration of the Club, and the preparation of its various activities. A minimum of 2 members of the Executive Council is required for any meeting to convene. The Executive Council meets with all members of the club.

ARTICLE VII Committees

Committees are formed by appointment from the Executive Council. These Committees are comprised of the regular members of the club. An officer may not be part of a committee. Committees will each have a leader, and must contain at least 3 members.
Committees run by popular majority… a majority of the members of a committee must agree on any given topic.
Required committees include the following:

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee undergoes the task of raising funds for Club activities.

Publicity Committee
The Publicity Committee is responsible for active promotion of the Club, which includes, but is not limited to, the posting of advertisements. This committee may also recruit new members.

Other committees can be formed as needed, by will of the majority of members and the Executive Council.


Horizons: the Buffalo State College Geography/Planning Club shall have one (1) faculty advisor. Faculty advisors shall be selected by appointment, which can be performed by any member of the Executive Council. The advisor does not have to meet with the club at all meetings, however, it is highly recommended that he/she does so.


Removal is adherent to the principles of Parliamentary Authority.

ARTICLE X Amendments

Any member may request an amendment to the Constitution. After proposal, and discussion of the matter, the entire present Club body shall vote upon the matter, and if there are 2/3 in favor, the amendment will be passed.

ARTICLE XI Parliamentary Authority

The Club adheres to Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly revised) to conduct its administrative business.

ARTICLE XII Ratification

This constitution is not yet ratified.

Seth C. Triggs
25 July 1998

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