The Buffalo State Geography/Planning Club
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The Horizons headquarters are located at A217 Classroom Building. E-mail Seth Triggs at TRIGSC41 for info, and to sign up!!!

A club for all who are interested in urban planning, geography, or just want to travel!

Welcome to the homepage of Horizons!! Here we will post special news and other things in this space!!

Horizons is a club dedicated to travel, experiencing the worlds of geography and urban planning, and meeting new people with similar interests!

We are a very flexible organization, and most communication will be done via e-mail and this webpage!

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Club Officers for 1998-99
  • Seth C. Triggs - President
  • Dr. Tao Tang - Advisor

Meetings will be conducted by e-mail and/or telephone.


  • Proposed trips for this year:
    • Whispering Pines Camping trip with the NTSO
    • Trip to Toronto, ON
    • Possible fundraising activities
  • We are recruiting new members. Please sign up at the Club HQ (A 217 Classroom Building)
Everyone, have a successful school year!

  • It's not too late to join! Please, drop by A217 Classroom Building to see Seth Triggs, and join the club! Or you can e-mail TRIGSC41 (trigsc41@buffalostate.edu). Don't miss out!! And be sure to tell your friends, especially your friends at Buffalo State College! 



    Any questions? E-mail trigsc41@buffalostate.edu. You can also send him a WWWPager message.

Updated 21 September 1999