MiSTings - Marrissa Amber Flores Picard

This shrine contains the classic MSTings of Stephen Ratliff,the Ed Wood of fan-fiction (but with better taste in clothes and a better learning curve). Join Marissa Picard, the most powerful teen in the universe, as she gets placed in charge of starships for no real reason, throttles Romulans effortlessly, and warps adult minds to her will.

The shrine is now split up into the various eras of the Marrissa Saga. The rule of thumb: the younger she is, the more awesome she is.

Era 1: Let the Marrisanity Begin
Era 2: Pueberty Can Happen!
  • A Royal Mess Part 1 and Part 2 Part 1 MSTed by Suzanne Schroeder, Part 2 by David Hines, Mighty Jack, Matt Blackwell, Joseph Nebus and Tom Salyers
  • Home for Christmas MiSTed by Matt Blackwell
  • Royal and Prime Directive GROUP MSTing by: Bill Livingston, Matt Blackwell, Freezer, Doug Gale, Joseph Nebus, Phantom, Michael Pullman, Chris Ratcliff and Dalty Smilth
Era 3: The Stargazer Years
  • Time Speeder MSTed by Mike Barklage, Petrea Mitchell and Jess Nevins
  • Athena Prospects Mango and Papaya editions. Group MSTings, both edited by Matt Blackwell
  • Premier Maquis MSTed by Loren Haarsma, Jarek Myszewski and David Conner
  • The Only Constant MSTed by The Other Dave Hines
  • Walls of Jellico MSTed by by Bill Livingston, Matt Blackwell, Kevin Gowen and The Great Popolino
  • The Seventh Fleet MiSTed by TV's WereTorgo, Karen Kallestad, Tom Currie, Petera Mitchell, Tv's Francis, Brian Dubic, Satya, Jim Whaley and Glazed McGuffin Man
Era 4: War is HECK!
Era 5: The Other Stuff