Doc Forrester
Doctor Clayton Forrester: Pioneer in Finding Crap

Back in April 1996, a small site called Tenchi's Vault of Anime MSTings was born, built around the cult-favorite comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the then fledgeling world of anime fandom.

Soon, a funny thing began to happen.

Word caught on, more people contributed, and the Vault of Anime MSTings's popularity grew, until it spun into a mass depository of MSTings (the fanfiction of the Mystery Science Theater) and most of all a diverse community from all walks of Geekdom: anime, gaming, roleplaying and other strangeness.

It is now 2006, and the world of Geekdom has changed considerably: MST3K's faded to the DVD shelves and online archives, anime is now a mainstream phenomenon.

Some things are certain. Comics are still trying to get taken as Serious Art (tm). The power of the INTERNET has enabled any aspiring artist and writer to share his or her talents with the world (The disadvantage being any aspiring artist and writer to share his or her talents with the world...)

And there are even more cheesey movies, along with cheese of other flavors...

It's a bold new age for Geekdom... and age for Crap (tm)

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