C-Ko Kotobuki Chat Hostess. Really.

EWIC hosts its own chat server, come in and chat with the weirdos!

Our major meeting place is #C-ko'sChatHall (note the lack of spaces). There we talk, hang out, and in general enjoy each other's company. You can also use your own IRC client and sign on to #C-ko'sChatHall and by connecting to one of the hubs below.

Please review all chat hall policies before logging on, and come back every so often to check for changes.

CHAT HALL HUBS (In order of priority)
  • arcueid.merseine.nu, ports 1337, 5190, and 7500
  • hawknest.stacken.kth.se, ports 3000, 6667, 31337
  • mIRC One of the mainstays of online chatting
  • X-Chat Multi-Platform IRC Chatting
  • Pirch
  • #C-Ko'sChatHall: Our main chat hall. There is no real role-playing in here except occasional, unofficial joking, gags, messing around, etc. This hall is meant as a place to meet, talk, and socialize and relax. The hall is NOT intended for intense debateor discussions unless the majority there wishes to participate. Those who continue a disruptive discussion that the majority do not want to participate in will be asked to take it to #Debate, to another room, or will be sanctioned.
  • #MiSTing: Occassionally we run live MSTing events and riff real-time to fanfiction. Open whenever it strikes enough interest.
  • #Shoptalk - A channel for writers and artists to discuss their craft, and for discussing media in general. It is open to all, and regular discussions and events are organized by Steven Savage.
  • #superrobotworld - Discussion on the wild world of Japanese mecha, like Gundam, Mazinger Z and others
  • RolePlay Channels - There are various role-playing events arranged by members of the C-ko's/SVAM community.
  • Private Channels - If you intend to have a discussion or a role-play that will go beyond PG-13, please create a specific channel and invite those involved to it. Please make the channel invisible and invite-only, with the IRC commands : /mode #Channel +si. To allow a person into a channel use /invite Nickname #Channel.

EXPLICIT ACTIVITY - All public channel conversations are to be kept at a PG-13 level. No hardcore sexual activity described or performed in role-play (hugging, kissing, cuddling are acceptable). Excessive use of obscenities is not allowed. If you feel you need to engage in more explicit behavior (or you are requested by people to do so), please make a Private channel like above. A good rule to follow is that when clothes come off and/or specific groping occurs, take it private. Continuous offensive behavior is grounds for kicking or banning.

HARASSMENT - Any harassment of people by constantly messaging them, making sexual or other propositions, or insulting them based on race, religion, sex, or sexual preference, etc. is grounds for being kicked or banned. This includes bothering IRCops over policies repeatedly.

INAPPROPRAITE DISCUSSIONS - Attempting to interrupt conversations, role-plays, etc. is grounds for being kicked from the channel or even banned from the server. This includes "MSTing" or commenting on role-plays while they are occuring unless specifically invited by all parties, attempting to manipulate discussion in a channel and/or flooding when people do not wish to participate, and similar behavior.

ADVERTISING: There will be NO advertising of MP3 / WareZ / ROM sites on any channels.

COLORS AND SCRIPTS - Use of odd colors and automatic scripts that interfere with conversations, flood, etc. is prohibited. Please turn them off.


Violating rules involves the following levels of sanction

  • Warning. You will be warned to cease your behavior.
  • Kick. Ignoring warnings will result in being /kicked.
  • 5-minute kill. Engaging in offensive behavior after a /kick will result in a 5-minute /kill, banning from the server.
  • Kill. Engaging in offensive behavior after a 5-minute kill results in total banning from the server.

The IRCops reserve the right to modify these levels of sanction as they deem necessary to keep order.