News (18 April 2003):
  • James Frazier is now Vice President of Ambition Entertainment.
  • Some new talent has been located for our ventures, in Atlanta, GA: Dwayne Boyd, Nya Anderson, Jermaine Jackson, and more.
  • The Trunk will be shot soon in 2003.  The production will be followed by GUTTER in November.
  • Rosilyn Sanchez (Rush Hour Two, Boat Trip) has signed on to work with our current project.
  • Brian White, is co-starring with Bernie Mac, and Angela Bassett in MR. 3000. Bernie Mac's first lead role.
  • Carlisa Epperson, has been hired as Vice President of Marketing. She will also be Associate Producer, on each film that Ambition Entertainment Produces.
  • We are currently in Pre-Production with GUTTER, which is still slated to go into Production November 2003.
  • We are still looking for talent! Send head shots, body shot, reel, resume or audition tapes to:

  • Joseph A. Elmore, Jr.
    Ambition Entertainment
    115 Grove St. Suite A
    Buffalo, New York 14207

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Joseph A. Elmore, Jr.

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James Frazier

Joseph A. Elmore, Jr.
James Frazier 
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