Lefty's MSTings

"A Black Day"
by Oscar

 Co-MSTer: Tim McLees

This is a rather notorious sort of lemon, a sour one, in fact, which involves zoophilia. Basically, Usagi gets snowballed by Luna and Oscar the Super Hermaphrodite becomes a Super-Saiyen!!! Whee. But it's rather funny, so have a go at it.

 "Goku Meets Serena"
by Sarah Slutz

The title is the plot, in this case. Sailor Moon meets Goku from Dragonball Wars, does little and accomplishes nothing. By all accounts, it is a silly crossover. It is, however, somewhat coherent, even though it is hard at times to figure out who is speaking. Go figure.

 "Helping Paws"
by Didjeridoo


This story is actually pretty good, although it is graphic at points. That is, until the protagonist meets up with Totoro. You see, this is a *lemon*. An Oscar-type sour lemon. With *Totoro*. And it had potential, too. If you've seen a picture of Totoro, you'll know what I'm talking about. The plot is basically, a girl goes out to the woods to have a baby, 'cause her husband can't get it up. She then gets nailed by Totoro, and magically, the old man is able to conceive.

 "Maximum Carnage"
by Victor Von Doom

The *most* confusing story I have MSTed so far. The plot is basically Marvel mainstays Spiderman and Venom team up with the Sailor Scouts to defeat the Negaverse. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), all of the Scouts snuff it by the end, leaving Sailor Moon and Tux pledging to stop the Negaverse, or something like that. As cheesy as it sounds.

A Point to Ponder...from the West Virginian

What if Victor Von Doom wrote a Sailor Moon/South Park crossover?
Who would die first, Kenny or one of the Senshi?

-The West Virginian

 "Masked Rider vs. The Sailor Senshi" by J.B. Graham


This is a totally unwarranted crossover between Masked Rider and Sailor Moon, which contains a *totally* out-of-character Dex (Masked Rider). Dex's new one-dimensional personality includes gratuitous lame insults directed towards Japan. The loosely veiled plot also includes a bunch of new Masked Rider wannabes. Whee. It's not very long, though, so it would make great filler on your web page. This fic also includes violence towards females (ex: Dex punts Sailor Moon in the tummy). A fic that would make Danny Bonaduce proud.

 "Minako: Warrior, Princess, Sidekick?!?!"
by Nightman


This is the largest story I have ever MSTed, one which is is the only story I have read that needed not one but five epilogues. Anyway, the story is about Sailor Moon's Minako (Sailor Venus) falling into a wormhole and winding up in ancient Greece, where she becomes Gabrielle, by some unconvincing conttrivance. A bunch of stuff happens with some gods, and now Xena and Gabrielle have to slay two new evil goddesses. They do.
And Minako/Gabrielle...ugh! If you're like me, you'll root for her ultimate death in every scene. If that's not enough pain, Minako seems to be related to John Agar, in that she doesn't EVER SHUT UP!!! Also, there are some delightful ministrations by the ever-loveable Joxer, wild, wacky time-traveling anachronisms, and more plot conveniences and self-knowing smarm than you can shake a stick at. And you'll love to find out who is a reincarnation of who. Oy vey.
And Nightman's P.O.ed about it now, because he decided to take the riffs too seriously.


Here's a little nugget of joy...from Nightman. He says I'm a moron. Duuuuuuhhh, okay, boss! Oh, and check out his page...you'd think I tried to burn the guy's house down and kill his family!!!

 "Scooby-Doo:Demon Shark"

 Solo (transcript by Michael Bilica)

A MSTed transcript of the actual episode. Contains the usual predictable Scooby action, such as eating binges, awkward exposition, and destruction of the laws of physics. You might recognize footage from this episode (the part where Scooby's waterskis get munched by a shark) from the opening sequence of the 1976 season.

 "A Pac-Man Christmas"
(Midway, Ruby-Spears)

 Solo (transcript by Michael Bilica)

Now that I've read the script for this lousy show, I feel that I hate it more than ever. As a result, I don't think the MSTing is as good. You decide.

 "USA Execs vs. Sailor Moon"
by Bane


A short, unnecessary, pointless story. The plot is just Sailor Moon gets cancelled by USA. Nothing happens. I mean it. Nothing happens!!! The whole MSTing is 4K!!

 Anti-Fic Triple Feature
"Beavis and Butthead do Sailor Moon" and "Godzilla vs. Sailor Moon" by Bane
"Bloodbath" by Nav


My third anti-fic MSTing contains three little nuggets of joy. The first two, all one-line plots, are cute, in their own little way, and I really don't mind them. The third, is an unnecessarily violent fic which has SELF-INSERTION!!! Nav inserts himself into the story and guns down the Sailor Senshi with an M-16. Couldn't he just show them a flow chart or something? :P

 Koopa Double Feature
"Teenage Mutant Samuri Cats [sic]" and "Changing Polly"
by Koopa


I don't know, people say that this guy is the next Dr. Thinker. Well, these stories aren't really all that bad, and are actually written like the Samurai Pizza Cats show. And I like the show. You figure it out.

 "Attack of the 100 ft. Elmyra"
by April M. Richards


This is a lot of firsts. This is also my first Power Rangers MSting, as well as my first Tiny Toons MSTing. Unfortunately, this fic contains small vestiges of lemon, most specifically the heavy-handed references to Tommy & Kim's snogging. *That's* bad imagery, almost as bad as the sight of Goldar in a diaper. [cringe]

 "Sailor Scouts meet Chris"
by Chris Caldwell


Remember what I said about plot conveniences and contrivances in Minako: Warrior, Princess, Sidekick?!?! Well, that has nothing on *this* story. An obsessed Sailor Moon fan named Chris inserts himself into the story so that he can wind up marrying three of the Scouts...oh, it's just too horrible!! You have to see it for yourself!!!

 "A-Ko: The College Years"
by Michael Coughlan and Greg Thompson

 Solo, clean-up riffs for Jamie Jeans, original MSTer

This is probably the longest lemon in history. While the section I worked on was a lot better than the others, it dragged on for eternity, and had probably the longest setups to a hentai scene in history, The last part, for example, seems to be in realtime.
This lemon, by the way, is considered to be one of the worst out there. To see the rest of the part that I MSTed, you should go to Shinji's Vault of Anime MSTings (link below).

 The Thundercats MSTings

 These are MSTings of the less-than good episodes of the popular American cartoon. Have fun...

 A-Ko: Promise Chapter 5
by Henry J. Cobb


A thinly veiled foray into those suggested lesbian overtones in Project A-ko. No lemon content, just one big setup. :\

 "Video Night at Mako-Chan's"
by Amy Bridger, MSTed by Dr. Thinker

 Co-MSTer: Jamie Jeans

This is only my second tag-team effort. And it's a doozy!! Dr. Thinker MSTs one of the most boring and useless stories in existence. I hope you all enjoy the MSTing, though.

 "Time Change"
by General Peterson

 Co-MSTer: Jamie Jeans

This is my fourth self-insertion MSTing. And folks, this one is bad. General Peterson's obscene use of self-insertion includes being a self-appointed king, all-powerful mage, highest general of a universal imperial government, and power "TRILLIONS" of times greater than that of the Sailor Scouts. Enjoy.

 "Sailor Moon Meets DIC"
by Dr. Thinker

 Co-MSTer: Jamie Jeans

Sailor Moon meets crappy dubbing magnate. Nuff said.

 "The Countess Chronicles"
by Lin Lin

 Co-MSTers: Megane 6.7 and Steve "Scooter" Kramer

This is an utterly wrong rape-torture fic, which stoops to new levels of grossness, even worse than Oscar But... well, not as bad as the following.

 "Chibi-Usa's 7th Birthday"
by Robert Tsunai

 Co-MSTer: Black Muse

Remember what I said about the last fic? Forget it. This is probably the worst fic in existence. All of the Sailor Senshi, and Tuxedo Mask proceed to have sex with Chibi-usa as a 7th birthday present... it's just horrible!
To make matters worse, the author is proud of the fact that he is a kiddy hentai. So e-mail him at kiddyhentai@usa.net in the meantime, to ask him what's up!

 "9½ Chipmunks"
(Toon Dreams)

 Co-MSTer: Megane 6.7

Okaaaay... A Chip and Dale/ Rescue Rangers lemon. 'Nuff said. Good thing I have MSTed so many bad lemons! (four or more, I think)

  "Sailor Moon: Lord Thinker"
by Dr. Thinker
MSTed by Dr. Thinker

 Co-MSTer: Jamie Jeans

This may be the weirdest fic I have ever MSTed... because I appear in it. Basically, Dr. Thinker's really pointless fic shreds the fourth wall and the threads of space and time like so much old TP. But I think you'll enjoy it...

 "Rape of A Princess"
by Victor Von Doom

 Solo, edited by Jamie Jeans

This MSTing had actually been shelved for a while. I resurrected it almost 2 months later, and have put on the host segments. This happy little tale concerns the exploits of Serena, who is raped by lecherous rock star Seiya. Man. If you're a Sailor Scout in a Von Doom fic, bad things happen.

 "Project Alpha"
by Tharkon

 Co-MSTer: Rob Silvers

I don't know squat about Tekken, so Rob Man did the riffs. I took the opportunity of doing the host segments. It's a rather pleasing result!

 "Transformers: The Movie"

 Co-Mster: Dinobot

Well, this movie just sucks, that's all I can say. Any attempt to decipher the plot will make my head explode. But it does use non-standard MSTing... very annoying character!

 "Dark Moon Rising Saga"
by Blaine

 Solo, host segs by Blaine

This is a rare MSTing, in which the author actually asked me to MST it... all told, a great time!

by Hachi Machi, the Chunky Monkey

 Solo, host segs by Blaine

This lemon is just plain WRONG. Hachi pairs Pikachu with Ash (from Pokemon), and for the clincher, a Tsunai-style scene between Misty and a Cu-bone. Arrrgh.

United Artists

 MEGA Group MSTing

This horrid movie was riffed by a huge group of Shinji's Vault of Anime MSTings regulars... hope you like it!

 "The Origin of Hachi Machi"
by Hachi Machi, the Chunky Monkey

 Solo, host segments by Blaine (J.D. Gibson)

Hachi Machi, illustrious author of Poke-a-mon, sheds light on his downright nasty origin, which involves a horribly OOC Curious George (?!)

Oh, here's a cute pic of a kawaii Chim Chim (long story) that Blaine drew.

 "Hachi-Machi Double Feature"
"Ranma is Go" and "Poke-a-mon 2"
by Hachi Machi, The Chunky Monkey

 Solo, host segments by Blaine (J.D. Gibson)

This is my first "non-standard" MSTing, in which Pearl and her sproogs Observer and Bobo take Mike's place in the theater. Most ominous... Oh, and here are some pics of the lucky Pokemon in Poke-a-mon 2.

Jynx - Tauros - Meowth

"Parents Alert" by NLJ Online, "Mystery Power Theater" by Dr. Thinker

 Co-MSTer: Jamie Jeans

Ah, to work with Jamie Jeans again is quite a pleasure. This time, we tackle the unscrupulous National Libery Journal of Jerry Falwell, and another Dr. Thinker MSTing, this of a really lame Power Ranger fanpost.

 "The Rape of the Black Cat" by Superjizz

 Solo, Host segments by Wildfire

Ummm... Superjizz decides to take his sexual shortcomings out on Marvel's "Black Cat" and "Scarlet Witch". In other words, tentacles. Then there's some jolly racism, one of the underutilized plot devices...

 "PolarPup Triple Feature" by Lil Goth Puppy
 Solo, Host segments by Tuxedo Jack
Some utter surreality from a Sailor Moon fan. Contains hot Mary Sue action and plenty of slapstick! But the author's really cool at least.

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